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Sergio Diab
From the album Stratoman

Sergio Diab aka “The Stratoman” is the newest sensation of the Brazilian instrumental music scene. The debut album from the guitar player/composer from Rio de Janeiro has been garnering rave reviews, and being praised by fellow guitar players like Nashville, Tenn’s great Richard Bennet. Driven by sensuous Latin rhythms, the hummable melodies of Diab’s compositions, “sung” by his guitar, will take the listener on a trip to a long forgotten place where every single note counts.

Relix, USA - October/November 2014

Sergio Diab

Brazil and the guitar have a long, prolific relationsh ip w ith each other, from the classical compositions of Villa-Lobos to Laurindo Almeida’s mix of classical and jazz to the bossa nova of Antonio Carlos Jobim and Joao Gilberto. Two standouts carrying the torch today are Joao Erbetta and the equally eclectic Sergio Diab.
Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Diab has worked as producer and sideman, mainly for singers, but on his instrumental solo debut his Strat does the singing, tastefully employing elements of rock, blues, and jazz. Along with the obvious Carlos Santana influence, he lists Les Paul and Chet Atkins.
He composed eight of the CD’s 10 tunes, including two featured in the movie Idolo, about Brazilian soccer star Nilton Santos. His rendition of the evergreen “Besame Mucho” is a treat, so the fact that his melodic originals are also memorable is impressive indeed.
The surprise of the set (following the lush, noir “Sentimental D”) is the country two-step “El Matrero,” peppered with pedal steel and honky-tonk piano. Then accordion flavors “Mojo,” giving the bossa nova a Gypsy tinge. 
This earns the one-word review “mais” – Portuguese for more. – Dan Forte

Vintage Guitar , May 2015

Vintage Guitar BR


The meeting

Encontro entre Sergio Diab e Richard Bennett em Roma no Backstage de Mark Knopfler




Nascido e criado em Copacabana no Rio de Janeiro , Sergio Diab é um guitarrista de formação blues/rock, produtor musical, compositor. Líder da banda de progressivo Zaragatha nos anos 80, gravou e tocou com Bruno Nunes, Julia Debasse, entre outros, produziu trilhas para teatro, televisao , radio e cinema. Desde 1998, é o guitarrista da banda de Toni Platão, onde produziu o cd Negro Amor(2006) e o cd/dvd Pros que Estão em Casa (2008), vencedor do Premio da Musica Brasileira de 2009 na categoria melhor dvd do ano!

Sergio Diab toca com uma guitarra Fender Stratocaster 1973 (Walnut) e uma 1974 (Blonde), guitarra usada pelos seus grandes idolos David Gilmour, Andrew Latimer, Mark Knopfler e Neal Schon. Por estar sempre empunhando sua Fender
Stratocaster, o nome do seu mais recente cd e uma homenagem a sua fiel escudeira: Stratoman


Sergio Diab usa guitarras Ledur

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